Wearing glasses is a medical event

Wearing glasses is a medical event. The decision of parents to delay the purchase of points for later in the best case will leave the situation unchanged, and at worst can have a very negative effect on the health of the baby. Glasses blurred before the image is clear and only after receiving such clear pictures, brain and entire visual system are developing properly. Therefore, if the ophthalmologist prescribed glasses child, then treat this appointment should be a responsible, because good vision is integral to the full development of children.

Glasses are utilitarian object, but a fashion accessory
Many adults delay buying points because of our own prejudices, fearing that the baby will be the object of ridicule from their peers. But causing fears of parents solid frame with a thick glass Windows of their own childhood has long gone in the past. Modern eyewear is not only a practical but fashionable accessory. They are movie stars and music even with no vision problems. What can we say about the idol of all teenagers Harry Potter, which it is impossible to imagine without the round glasses?

The child is psychologically adapted to the glasses, turn a trip to the optician in a small party and allow him to choose the model. Of course, parents can ask the price category and to give its opinion on the compatibility of colors and reliability, but the final decision rests with the child. So if the child wants to wear glasses with favorite cartoon characters, the parents to impose their views is not necessary, because so they are less likely to cause crumbs hostility to this accessory.

Rules of choice of frames for children’s glasses
The frame should suit the face of the child, i.e. to be not too small or large. Not to pressed on whiskey, thus breaking the circulation. It is also unacceptable that the top rim went over the eyebrow, and the bottom is captured cheeks. Eyes should be at the center of the lens or it can create a prismatic effect and the power of the lens will decrease, or rather increased.

90% of mass of the points falls on the nasal septum, so it is extremely important to choose a frame from your nose stop. With more focus points will fall, but because of the tight bridge of the nose will be flattened and start to deform.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the ear pieces, picking them appropriate length. Is when ear pieces taper to the ends and rounded just behind the ears kid. To have a particularly active baby sunglasses constantly fell experts recommend to try the frame with elastic rubber bands.

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